Sunday, November 19, 2006

Quick Cookie Fix

This is a tip I borrowed from a friend who was trying to limit her cookie intake each time she baked a batch! I find it useful for cookie fixes. My husband loves chocolate chip cookies. I rarely bake them and he doesn't enjoy baking. He started buying packages of refrigerated pull-apart cookies whenever they were on sale. I found the ingredient list disturbing and the taste too sweet. Now I occasionally make the dough for a double batch of cookies. Instead of baking them all I bake a few and freeze the rest. Instead of freezing a container of dough I spoon the dough as I would for baking and freeze it that way. Once the balls are all frozen I put them in a Ziplock until the next cookie craving. This works well in warmer weather because you can bake a few cookies in the toaster oven instead of heating up the whole house!

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