Thursday, November 23, 2006

Do You Tofurky?

I am constantly amused by the number of relatives who worry that my vegetarian family will have "nothing to eat on Thanksgiving." I'm sorry, does everyone just eat a plate of turkey smothered in gravy? A typical Thanksgiving table is full of vegetarian friendly options. In fact, Thanksgiving dinner probably has more vegetables than most of my relatives are used to eating on a regular basis.

That doesn't stop me from cooking a Tofurky.

Tofurky seems to be a hot topic in the online vegetarian community this time of year. Is it really necessary to serve a soy replica of a dead bird? Definitely not. In fact, before I tried a tofurky I would cook a vegetarian Thanksgiving with no meat substitute at all. Ever since we tried the tofurky feast my husband and I have looked forward to it every year. I don't know if it really tastes like turkey - I haven't eaten the real stuff in years. What matters to me is that it tastes good.

I would recommend trying tofurky if you're a recent convert to vegetarianism and you don't want to feel left out on turkey day. As for me I'll be eating veggies at the relatives' and cooking a tofurky at home tomorrow. Just because it tastes so good.

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