Friday, December 01, 2006

Deconstructing Macaroni and Cheese

When I was growing up macaroni and cheese was the occasional quick lunch out of a box. It was fast and easy, and for some reason I liked it. (Studies show that the color orange makes people hungry. A cheesy marketing ploy by Kraft?) I still like macaroni and cheese, but not the kind I had growing up. I do occasionally buy the boxed kind, but only Annie's. It makes for a quick side dish. I prefer to make my macaroni and cheese from scratch. Here are a few adaptations that make it a little healthier than the white-flour-pasta and powdered cheese variety.
  • Use whole wheat pasta rather than white. Believe me, you won't notice the difference unless you really try.
  • If you bake your macaroni and cheese make a wheat germ topping.
  • Mix in veggies. Peas and broccoli both work well.
  • Use soy milk or other substitutes.
  • Mix in some tofu - it has the same texture as cheese and absorbs the flavor of the dish.
  • Add seasonings like basil, chili powder and curry powder. The more flavor you get out of seasonings the less cheese you'll need.
Now I'm making myself hungry. I might have to change tomorrow's meal plan to include some good old macaroni and cheese!

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