Thursday, November 30, 2006

Folding Laundry

When I do my laundry I try hard to keep the t-shirts (both long and short-sleeved) from wrinkling. I find it incredibly annoying to take a folded shirt out of a drawer only to find wrinkles in it. :) Here's my method:
  • If I'm able to fold the laundry as soon as the dryer is done I pull out all the shirts and fold them first.
  • If I can't fold the laundry right away, when I come back to it later I take all the shirts and lay them on top of each other, one by one, spraying water on each of them. I hang them over the back of a chair. This is especially handy because when I'm ready to fold them I can put the entire pile on a table and fold them directly from the pile.
Now if only I had one of those handy dandy dryers you can hang clothes in...

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