Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stale Bread

Whether you bake or buy bread there's always the chance you'll end up with a few stale pieces at the end of the loaf. Here are some ways I've found to use my stale bread:
  • Garlic Bread - Break any amount of stale bread into bite-sized pieces. Put them in a frying pan on low/medium heat with some olive oil, garlic (or garlic powder), salt, basil, parsley, and any other seasonings you might use in your garlic bread. The oil will soften the bread and the bite-sized pieces make it easier to eat. Cook covered until the bread is as soft as you would like. This is also tasty with fresh mozzarella or parmesan on top.
  • French Toast - What better way to soften bread than by dipping it in batter? I like to save my stale slices of bread in a Ziplock in the freezer. When I have enough for French toast I just pull out the bag.
  • Croutons - Cut or break your stale bread into small pieces. Toss in a Ziplock with olive oil and whatever seasonings you would like to add. Bake until as crisp as you would like and, voila, homemade croutons!
When I save my stale bread in the freezer I usually have two bags - one with white and simple wheat bread that would be appropriate for French toast and one with more seasoned bread (I often make homemade bread seasoned with garlic and other potent herbs. Not great with maple syrup!)

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