Saturday, October 21, 2006


When it comes to small closets, limited storage space, and oddly shaped rooms I've found that a great way to get optimum storage is by using crates. Over time I have invested in a number of wooden crates. (Many crafts stores sell these and the larger chains like Hobby Lobby and Michael's usually have sales on all wood products once or twice a year.) They're rectangular so you can stack them vertically or horizontally. You can slide them under coffee tables for basket-like storage or stack them in rows or columns to create instant shelves. The wooden ones are especially nice because if you want to attach them together in a semi-permanent fashion nails and/or wood glue should do the trick. You can also paint them, which is a nice way to blend them into your space. I'm also a fan of wooden corner crates, which don't offer a lot of shelving space but do round off the edges of your crate shelves, giving them a more fluid look. Oh, and did I mention the usefulness of these crates if you ever have to move with them? Just grab the handles and go!

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