Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Enchilada Casserole

My Enchilada Casserole can easily be called Leftover Casserole. I usually make it after we've had tacos and need to use up the chopped taco fixin's. The basic idea is layers in a casserole dish. Here are some examples of what I use for each layer:
  • tortillas, crushed tortilla chips (great way to use up chips that are getting stale)
  • black beans, chili beans, refried beans, soy meat
  • cheese, seasoned tofu
  • corn, peppers, black olives
  • tomatoes, salsa, hot sauce
I love throwing this together using leftovers and freezing it. Sometimes I don't have enough leftovers to fill up the dish, but I can easily freeze what I have (in layers) and add more when I actually bake it. It never turns out the same, always tastes good, and those chopped up tomatoes and grated cheeses are never wasted!

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