Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Moving-the-Furniture Bug

Finally, here's a real post for you instead of just a link!

I got the moving-the-furniture bug the other day. It started out innocently enough. We bought a new bed. It arrived and I was putting it together. As I did so it occurred to me that it might look better facing the other direction. That caused me to move the end tables, dressers, hampers and every other piece of furniture in the room. The new furniture arrangement meant that some of the picture needed to be moved. And the hooks on the walls. Basically, it's like a whole new room. And I love it! Now I'm looking at our tired, old bedding and thinking maybe it needs a spruce as well...

Do you ever get the moving-the-furniture bug? I do, a couple of times a year. Perhaps that's why I like the unpacking part of the moving process. There's something very satisfying about finding the perfect place for every piece of furniture. Or maybe I just have issues. Regardless of whether or not you like moving furniture, I think it's good to do once in awhile to get in some nice, deep cleaning!

Now I wonder which room will be next...

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