Saturday, January 27, 2007

Giant Kitchen Rags

Have you ever had a bad spill in the kitchen, like an entire pitcher of juice falling out of the fridge and spilling across the entire kitchen floor? No, neither have I. And when you tried to clean up the juice you realized that none of your rags were sufficient and not even your mop would soak up the mess so you used bathroom towels that ended up with pink juice stains on them? No, neither have I. And I'm sure that a nice juice coating is good for wood floors.

Anyhow, here's my solution to the giant kitchen spills, since I'm not a fan of paper towels. When you have bath towels that are wearing out or have holes, turn them into giant kitchen rags. Don't cut them up into normal rag sizes. Keep them their original size and accessible. The next time that pitcher of juice spills you'll be prepared. Or I'll be prepared. Whatever.

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