Saturday, December 16, 2006

Soak Those Dishes!

My dirty dishes seem to multiply exponentially this time of year. Between extra baking and extra company there seems to be a never-ending pile to tackle. I prefer to soak dishes before washing them because who wants to spend extra time scrubbing? A quick soak makes everything easier to wash. The problem is the size of my sink. With all the exponentially multiplied dishes I don't have room for all of them in the sink. My solution? Extra wash tubs - the kind people often put in sink basins. I set a few of them on the counter, fill them with soapy water, and put the dirty dishes in. (In case you're wondering, I do separate dishes by type. Not necessary, I know, but I find it easier to wash all the plates at once, all the bowls at once, etc.) If I need extra drying space I spread towels on the table and use cooling racks! I love being able to wash several loads of dishes at once.

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