Monday, December 04, 2006

Gift Lists

I have two notebooks that keep me gift-organized. These are not specific to the holiday season, but include any gift-giving time throughout the year. In addition to the actual notebooks I keep the same information on spreadsheets because who doesn't love a handy spreadsheet? :)
  • Gift Notebook 1 - I keep gift ideas in this notebook. I have a different name on each page and any time I come up with a gift idea I write it down. When I actually give one of the gifts on a person's page I cross it off. This is great for friends and relatives who I don't see very often. I like gifts to be both meaningful and practical, so sometimes coming up with ideas can be tough!
  • Gift Notebook 2 - I keep gifts I've given in this notebook. Each time I give a gift I write down the date, what the gift was and who I gave it to. (See how the spreadsheet can come in handy?)
I'm sure many of you have similar systems, but I just thought I would share mine. I'll save my thoughts on gift-giving being overrun by money-making corporations for another time!

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