Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fabric Gift Wrapping

Every holiday season I become frustrated by the amount of wasted paper that goes into gift wrapping. (I get particularly frustrated by the number of people who don't even bother recycling all of that wrapping paper!) For birthdays I usually put gifts in reusable bags, but during the holidays there's that whole wrapped-presents-under-the-tree tradition. I have previously used fabric in creative ways, tying it with ribbon and twine. I recently came across this incredibly useful tutorial on how to wrap gifts in fabric without using anything but the fabric to hold itself together! I'm so excited to try all the different methods! (Unfortunately I don't have gifts to wrap that match all of the shapes...) Anyhow, I'll let you know how things go once I actually start my wrapping.


Occidental Girl said...

I know, there is so much waste that goes into celebrations. Paper, plastic, etc., and it all adds up.

I loved your post on Motherhood Uncensored, about the leaves that must be swept up immediately. I can just imagine it, standing guard by the window, broom in had, watching for errant leaves.

Anna said...

When I read the post on in-laws the leaf story just stood out in my head - I love my MIL but some she's quite the alarmist! (And the deck in question is off of a sliding door so if I really wanted to I could do just that - stand guard all day!)