Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mice, Mice, Everywhere...

...but, don't worry, they're not real! We have accumulated a disturbingly large number of cat toys. This isn't because we think the cats need a lot of toys. They like to play with those stuffed, cloth mice and they tend to chew through them. When the basket of cat toys is looking empty we buy new mice. When I'm cleaning I occasionally find them under bookshelves or chairs and I put them back in the basket. Well, today a small ball rolled under the stove and we had to go fishing for it with a broom handle. Now, let me preface this by saying that I do regularly clean under the stove and have even found cat toys under it before. The ball was in the far, back corner and took awhile to get out. In the process we unearthed five or six little stuffed mice! I understand that the cats batted them under the stove, but I have no idea how they all ended up so far back! Luckily it wasn't too dirty under there and the mice were all still in good condition. Our cats are so spoiled and now have a full basket of mice to play with. Oh, well. At least they didn't hide the real thing under the stove!

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