Monday, December 18, 2006

Cat Brush

Having cats in the house usually means having cat hair everywhere. When Charlie was our only cat we were spoiled - he has short hair and spends most of his time outside. With Nola and Brogan in the mix we end up with cat hair on all the furniture. A few years ago my husband was annoyed by our sad little vacuum that did little to clean cat hair out of the carpet. He used a cat brush that we normally brush the cats with to brush the carpet. It worked wonders! Since then we have always used a cat brush for extra cleaning on the main areas of carpets. We currently have no carpeting, but I continue to use the cat brush on stubborn furniture. It also works on curtains. I usually go over things once with the brush and once with the lint roller. I try to do this daily, which really keeps the cat hair buildup minimal!


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