Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Paper or Plastic?

When I do my grocery shopping I try to use paper bags, although the occasional store only offers plastic. Here are a few tips about using and reusing both paper and plastic grocery bags.
  • Ask for paper! Often stores automatically bag your groceries in plastic, so go ahead and ask for paper if they don't ask you first.
  • Reuse your paper bags. Most grocery stores like when you bring your own bags in. I keep four or five paper bags in my truck so I remember to bring them with me when I go grocery shopping. Remember which stores you're going to! I doubt that any store would be pleased if you showed up with a competitor's bag.
  • Recycle your paper bags. The wonderful thing about paper is you can recycle it. I save grocery bags that are sturdy and recycle those that have ripped or have been used several times.
  • Small garbage can liners. Plastic bags are perfect for small garbage cans. I keep a little can in every room of my house.
  • Tissue box bag holder. Keep your plastic bags in old tissue boxes. This is a great storage method and they're easy to pull out individually. I keep a tissue box of bags near each small garbage can, and the litterbox.
  • Garage sales. A great way to get rid of a large amount of plastic bags is to use them for bagging products bought at garage sales. This could be for your own garage sale, or for an organization's event. Often churches, schools and other community organizations have larger sales and might need the extra bags.
Other bag ideas? I'm sure they're out there. Go ahead and comment!

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