Friday, November 17, 2006

Moving Tip: Packing the Kitchen Part 1

I was putting groceries away today and thought that I should do a post on kitchen organization. The more I thought about it the more I thought it would actually turn into several posts. Then I started thinking about the amount of stuff in my kitchen, something I've been amazed by each time I've moved. I decided that before talking about my kitchen organization I'll talk about dismantling kitchens during the moving process!

Here's "Packing the Kitchen Part 1," which applies to the packing process several weeks before moving.
  • As you plan your move divide your kitchen items into categories: dishes/silverware, pots/pans/cooking utensils, small appliances, cookbooks, tupperware, infrequently used items, perishable food, nonperishable food, furniture and miscellaneous. (Are you reading that list and realizing how much is actually in your kitchen?) You could probably make many subcategories if you really wanted to.
  • Think about what you use often. Remember that, not including the bathroom, the kitchen will probably be the last room you use in your old house and the first room you use in your new house. Packing efficiently isn't enough - you'll need your kitchen items to be accessible as soon as you move.
  • Pack underused items first. Fondue pot? Waffle iron? Holiday dishes? Anything you use infrequently can be packed early in the moving process and won't need to be easily accessible once you start unpacking.
  • Select a few items in each category that you know you'll use - you'll pack these last. For example, keep one plate for each family member, a few pieces of tupperware, a saucepan and a frying pan (or whatever works for your family.) This frees up the bulk of each category for packing.
Stay tuned for Part 2: preparing the new house, Part 3: dealing with the food and Part 4: moving day. Yikes! If moving the kitchen takes 4 posts imagine how many I'll need for kitchen organization!

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