Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Moving Tip: Curtains

What's the last thing you pack from your old house and the first thing you want to unpack at your new house? Unless you live out of sight of your neighbors, probably the curtains. I have three handy solutions that I have used many times:
  • Pressure Rods - These are curtain rods that are spring-loaded and attach to the inside of a window frame using pressure. There's no screwing rods into the wall - all you need is a screwdriver to quickly select the rod length. These save a lot of time and are quick to both put up and take down.
  • Sheets - The tried-and-true method of using sheets as curtains is incredibly useful during a move. Simply double a sheet over a curtain rod for privacy and you're good to go until you have time to put the curtains up.
  • Display Boards - My own invention out of necessity, this works well if you have wide window ledges. Take a cardboard science display board (such as this one made by Elmer's) and set it in your window, facing you. This creates fast and easy temporary privacy, although your new neighbors may wonder why your windows all say "Elmer's!"

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